Please format your manuscript according to following guidelines before submitting it.

General Formatting & Page Layout
Page Layout: Set all page margins to 2.5 cm.
Page Size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Font: Times New Roman

Title of the paper: 14-point, bold, center-aligned. Capitalize only first letter of the title.
Author(s): 11-point, bold, center-aligned, right below the title. Capitalize first letter of the first name and all letters of the last name(s).
Affiliation: Affiliation of authors should be given as a footnote at the bottom of the first page in 9-point font size.
Abstract (between 150 and 200 words): 9-point, single-spaced, fully justified.
Abstract title: 12-point, centered text.
Keywords: Include 3 to 5 keywords written in italics with a 9-point font size.

Headings: Do not use more than three levels of heading. All headings should be in a 12-point font with first letters of words capitalized.
• First-Level Heading: Bold, left-aligned, 12-point, no indentation.
• Second-Level Heading: Bold, left-aligned, 12-point, an indentation of 0.5 cm.
• Third-Level Heading: Bold, italics, left-aligned, 12-point, an indentation of 1.25 cm.

Body text:
11-point and justified
1.15 line spacing, 0 nk space before and 6 nk space after each paragraph. Do not leave blank lines between paragraphs.
Set first-line indentation of paragraphs to 0.5 cm.

Figures and tables:
Figure captions should appear below the figure, in 10-point italics font, centered. Capitalize only the first letter of words. Use boldface in figure numbers, and add a period after each figure number.
Table captions should appear above the table, in 10-point italics font, justified. Capitalize only the first letter of words. Use boldface in table numbers, and add a period after each table number. The font size of table content should be 10 points.

References: All works cited in the running text must be listed in the reference section. Reference listing should be sorted alphabetically. Follow APA (American Psychological Association) 6th edition reference style in the paper.
Length: After the paper is formatted according to above guidelines, it must not exceed 6 pages including references.

Click here to download the full paper English template.
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